Hudson Aquatic Systems manufactures the original underwater treadmill for dogs, the AquaPaws. Hudson's name is synonymous with the highest quality hydrotherapy systems for dogs and small animals. AquaPaws is trusted by verterinarians world-wide. At Hudson Aquatic Systems LLC, we take immense pride in driving the equine aquatic systems for rehabilitation and conditioning, the AquaPacer. Your Horse achieves top health in half the time. When youre dealing with human solutions for rehabilitation, wellness and conditioning, our aquatic systems can make the difference in achieving and maintaining optimal health. We are continually designing the best new underwater treadmills, such as the AquaFit.


Hudson Aquatic Systems is proud to introduce our newest underwater treadmill system, the AquaFit. Engineered with forward-thinking and years of true world experience, this water treadmill is the new leader in the industry. The AquaFit is designed to fit multiple industries and home use. Whether for physical therapy needs in a hospital or therapy center, in a bariatric center, for physical fitness for sporting teams or in fitness centers or for your own home, the AquaFit hydro treadmill will cover your every need. The AquaFit allows you to exercise in the warmth and cushion of water, while alleviating those aches and pains from high impact running and exercise. Turn that one hour workout into 20 minutes with the same healthy effect, but without the damage to joints and muscles. The AquaFIT underwater treadmill system is the next step for hydrotherapy and hydro-wellness, rehabilitation from injury, conditioning for athletes, wellness for seniors. The adjustable and easy-to-use 7" touch screen allows for operation from inside or outside of the exercise chamber making it accessible by either the user or a technician to change the speed, water depth, or control of the jets. The AquaFIT features a variable speed of .3 to 7 MPH with speed increments as low as .1 MPH. Let buoyancy aid with the of flexible water depths from 1" to 48".


The AquaGaiter "drop-in" Underwater Treadmill System is a perfect addition to any facility wanting to offer rehabilitation, conditioning, or wellness. The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) offers great benefits. Through history the power of hydro therapy has been shown to benefit many conditions. Aquatic therapy improves post-surgical recovery. The low-impact, high resistance workout that the AquaGaiter water treadmill System provides can benefit most of your patients. It offers a cutting-edge treatment to your customer, and will quickly become a profit center for your facility. Gain optimal fitness for top athletes, rehab for seniors and weight loss for obese persons.


Through history, the power of hydrotherapy has been shown to benefit many conditions including post-surgical recovery. Aquatic therapy is proven to reduce swelling and inflammation in joints. Buoyancy gives your patients’ confidence and balance in each and every step. The low-impact, high resistance workout speeds patient's rehabilitaion. The AquaCiser III is comprised of an exercise chamber, a water reservoir and control console housed within a fiberglass housing. Temperature, depth, belt direction and speed can all be manipulated from the consoles’ touch-screen control panel, so treatment protocols are clearly viewed and documented. WATCH VIDEO. Courtesy video from our client, Max Rehab Physical Therapy !! Patient access into the AquaCiser is exceptionally easy with the water remaining in the storage reservoir until the patient is comfortably situated in the exercise chamber. Water depths are customizable from 12" to 48" allowing the patient to have a wide range of weight displacement while progressing in therapy with 360° of resistance for all movements.